Frequently asked questions


In order to save you some valuable time: Here is the answers to our most frequently asked questions. 


1. Prices and shipping in Europe
In order to see your correct prices and shipping rates in currency EURO for delivery to your shipping country, you will first have to choose shipping Country from the top menu bar (flag).

Your shipping prices will be stated in the order overview and check out before the payment process is completed. 


2. Is VAT included?
All prices are included VAT for customers living in Countries within the European Union.


NOTE: For customers living in e.g UK, Switzerland, Iceland, Turkey etc. prices are ex. VAT. VAT, local taxes and duties are additional and invoiced by import by your local authorities. 


3. Returns
According to European consumer regulations, you as an online customer can return purchases within 14 days notice from order is received. Note: Return is only accepted if item purchased is not being used, not damaged or package/seale is broken or damaged. 


You can register your return in your customer profile, or contact for further assistance. 

4. Manufacturers/Brands only work with quality manufacturers and original brands. All items sold online is original from the manufacturers. We do not sell copies, even our Pit Viper Sunglasses are original, legally imported as distributors.


5. Pre-orders
If date of delivery shows estimated delivery time in advance, you can still purchase if item is available. Note that estimated delivery time at any time can updated. Changes will appear in your customer profile and order overview. When your pre-order with such estimated delivery time is recevied and registered in our ware house, your order will be shipped out as usual. 


6. Ordering bikes
Todays bike manufacturers delivers their bikes pretty much ready for you to use out of the box. You are to expect some minor mounting on arrival as the bike is disassembled to fit in the box due to shipping. 


If you are not confident on bike mounting, we recommend you to contact your local bike work shop on own costs.


NOTE: Bikes shipped to UK customers are shipped as assembly with European standard brake position, meaning that UK customers will have to swap brake position on arrival. 


7. Invoice
Private consumers can pay by card or choose invoice delivered by our payment solution provider NetsEasy. Note that invoice is not handled by us. All questions regarding invoices are handled directly by NetsEasy and their financial partners. 


8. Customer Support
We do not have a customer call center, but you can reach out by email 


We will help you out as swiftly as possible between 9 am and 4 pm (09.00-16.00). Weekends our email support is closed.


9. Who are
Not sure you can trust our web shop? You can read more about in the support center under the meny "About us" in order to get to know us better.


If you have any further questions, don`t hesitate to contact us by email